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Synopsis :
Photo Retoucher A-nan returns to the old house that saddens him. The eerily beautiful yellow flowers on the loofah trellis attract a whole nest of ants. As a child, A-nan accidentally killed all these yellow flowers when spraying insecticide on them to kill the ants. In a rage, his father beat him lame. This caused a lifelong conflict between them. The elderly and paralyzed father, now wrapped in diapers and covered with ants, evokes the painful memories of A-nan’s youth. A-nan sprays and kills the ants again. But how will A-nan unravel this knotted relationship with his father, entangled for so many years? How will he restore the loving beauty of the yellow flowers that once bloomed in the courtyard?

Mr. Lin Chien-Ping, Taiwanese Film Director, Graduating from the Film Department of the School of Visual Arts, New York. His persisting on film art, has a unique personal creative style. The works have delicate emotions and use the correspondence between pictures and sounds to explore the inner world of the characters.

In 2005, his short film "Small Station" won the Silver Lion Award for Best Short Film at the 62nd Venice Film Festival.

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