the widow



The dead-like grains of sand, they fleet. But water them, and they shall rise - pale bodies adrift.

'The Widow' is a visual feast of raw emotions, too delicate to be revealed, too urgent to be hidden.

While faint dialogues transform into perished sexuality, barren reality stifles irrefutable desires - a foolish reverie of what is not.

From a grave that is yet to be dug, inaudible whispers emerge - her parched lips, ready to burst.

As the widow surrenders to the blackened sea, we cannot but partake... our hands comfortably tied.


Eva Depoorter is a Belgian video artist who lives and works in New York. Her videos are provocative and visceral vignettes that stimulate the viewer to surrender to what (s)he is exposed to. As a buffer against complete subjection, Eva offers an alternative to reality and invites the audience to roam the absurdist fantasy land she inhabits. The Widow is Depoorter's second short film.