Temporary Solution for the Permanent Problems is an installation piece that includes three video monitors, one large projection and a couple of installation props. The videos focus on the engagement of her choreography in a factory-like way by giving a sense of extreme anxiety or uncomfortableness. In #1, the artist being wrapped by another performer in a manufactured plastic wrap, then being left alone on the floor in a bleak space.

The audience may accept her work in a visceral way, but the theme of the work is about the vulnerability of the body. In #2, she puts nail polish on chicken's nails as a mundane working process, then chopping the chicken feet and put them in an ice water jar.


Jihea Han (b. 1991, Seoul) studied sculpture in South Korea and then moved to New York to study film/video at Pratt Institute. She makes experimental, personal videos showing the sense of raw, abnormal, metaphorical, uncomfortable and poetic feelings through her own performance. Her influences are video artists and film makers like, Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman, Marth Rosler, Robert Gober, Skip Arnold, Carolee Schneemann, Chan Wook Park, and David Lynch.