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Agrippina Meshcheryakova

Worry- fear Head.jpeg

Agrippina Meshcheryakova is a young independent filmmaker who recently graduated from the Northern Film School. She is passionate about all aspects of cinema and loves experimenting with her work. Agrippina is inspired by different types of art, as she grew up in a family of fine artists. She hopes to make various films in the future that will all be united by homages to artists and a challenge to the cinematic form. “The Triptych” was a milestone in her career, as she finally worked with a team and challenged herself to tell a story through three screens and without dialogue. Previously, she directed a short art video film on Renaissance art, a documentary, and produced and assisted in various plays.


Struggling with anxiety and dissociation, a young girl's life is disrupted by a frightening biblical nightmare. As she experiences a day of intrusive thoughts and unrelenting anxiety, her desperate calls for support go unanswered, intensifying her fears of losing loved ones. When her boyfriend finally responds, their connection seems distant, overshadowed by Tonya's overwhelming worries and exhaustion. As she falls asleep, she can't help but wonder if she will ever find peace or if she will always remain trapped in the haunting grip of her anxiety.


“Worry-Fear-Unease: The Triptych” is an experimental three-screen film installation that delves into the depths of anxiety and dissociation. Drawing inspiration from my own struggles with mental health, this project was born out of a desire to depict the raw emotions that countless others, like me, experience daily. Beyond passive observation, the film actively involves the audience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the main character's journey. Through dynamic visuals delivered across multiple screens and immersive sound design, viewers are transported into the character's inner world, experiencing their fears and uncertainties. Guided by production design and cinematography inspired by the timeless beauty of biblical and Renaissance art, this film becomes a moving painting and testament to the human experience. It boldly embraces struggle and pain, while revealing the hidden beauty that can emerge from our darkest moments.

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