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The AVIFF catalog includes most of the films from past official selections. You can create your program, select films by year, genre, artist or watch them one by one or according to your needs. Ideal for public sessions for thematic programs or private sessions in complete privacy.


The AVIFF film catalog was created in 2015. The main idea is to bring the films to life after their presentation at the AVIFF festival in the official selection at Cannes, by offering them to public and private clients, institutions, WebTV, meeting and education places.


In parallel to sites like VIMEO and YOUTUBE which allow everyone to deposit videos in a paid and private way, the AVIFF catalog is a tool which respects the rights of authors and brings together directors around a common point, AVIFF, the first festival to present artists' films during the period of a world famous film festival and a common history: their participation in this festival.


Rather than being isolated on different platforms, AVIFF offers these directors a virtuous tool based on a common approach and a common denominator: the artist's film and the AVIFF festival.


For this, AVIFF has partnered with Wallmuse and offers easy access to this catalog on the site


Upstream, a contract is signed by AVIFF and each director, the main components of which are:

- A non-exclusive distribution contract, the authors retain all their rights to their works

- A global broadcast contract that can be terminated by simple email with a waiting period

- A redistribution of royalties between AVIFF and the director of 50/50

- A free service for the director

- Information alerts on the uses of the works and their conditions


We have favored transparency and ease in our relations with the Artist Directors who bring our festival to life and give it its legitimacy through this global distribution tool which evolves every day in terms of quality content.


The AVIFF catalog currently has more than 500 films, 300 of which are online, listed and classified by alphabetical list or by novelty. The films are accessible in SD version for free. It is then necessary to subscribe to obtain the proposed services of films on demand,  curation and programs.

Christian Pouligo
Festival President
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