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Janja Rakuš (Slovenia) is a filmmmaker,visual artist and writer.
She finished MD of Performing arts at Dasarts in Amsterdam and is author of four novels. She participated on many performing festivals, exhibitions and conferences.

Short Filmography

- Poem for Loa; 5min; 2017; Official Selection Festival y Arte Decolonialidad AICA 2018; Bogota Colombia
- Poem for Loa; 5min; 2017; Official Selection AVIFF Cannes 2018; Official Selection Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogota / CineAutopsia; Official selection Global India International Film Festival 2018 also award for the best direction in category for short experimental film; Official Selection CinqueTerre FilmFest; Italy 2018
- Paesaggio in 9 strokes / dedicated to Cy Twombly; 14min; 2017
- Alchemy on the Amstel ( I-III ); 53min; 2016; Official Selection Shortcutz Amsterdam, Official Selection Shortcutz Porto; Official Selection International Film Event Station 2 Station, Warsaw,Poland; Tallin,Estonia; Sophia, Bolgaria
- Castles of Wasteland; 7min 26sec; 2014; Official Selection AVIFF Cannes
- The Sower; 9min; 2012 /13
- Dawn of Time; 14min 50sec; 2012 /13
- Lust Bath; 7min 20sec; 2012 /13
- Google Eyes; 12min 30sec; 2012 /13
- Ecstasy of Death 7.0; 20min; 2012; Official Selection Undergrounf Film Festival Philadelphia


Dreamy,meditative journey inspired by Vincent van Gogh's quote: " Just as we take a train to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take Death to reach a Star."

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