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Cristobal Diaz

the graffiti Head.jpeg

Graffiti is a universe, an art made of letters, shapes, colors that the hand but also the whole body contribute to creating, to posing. It is an alliance of body and mind which speak the same language, articulated in a living and vibrant painting, which springs forth in a pictorial orchestration.

Thanks to a specific shooting technique, organized around a Plexiglas wall and a multi-camera device, several artists produce works from which Cristobal Diaz creates a choral composition which shows a multiplicity of practices. Tags, graffiti, figuration, calligraphy, abstraction are explored here, and their compositions orchestrated in a singular montage which allows a glimpse of the process of urban artistic creation in an unexpected form.

“The Graffiti Mystery” results from the work of aesthetic exploration carried out by the director as part of a “graffiti gesture experimentation laboratory”.

It is intended to be a laying bare, an immersive approach to an artistic practice which reveals the creative process, the intensity of the gesture, the scriptural impulse aestheticized in its raw state. He reveals to us what is usually done out of sight and that is his mystery.

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