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Dhiaa Biya

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Dhiaa is a Moroccan photographer and filmmaker based in Brussels. After obtaining her degree in image techniques at the Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Cinema Professions in Rabat, she continued her master's degree in film production at the LUCA School of Arts.
In her work, Dhiaa is inspired by the normality of everyday life and the underlying beauty of human (inter)actions. These simple stories constitute the subject of his works. She enjoys telling stories with a specific purpose and concise framing and composition. To achieve anything, Dhiaa relies on visual material, poetry and a lot of observation.


The routines of two women merge as their similar gestures repeat over time. Their hands cross through their shared memory, one movement at a time. Hayat's daily routine, in her absolute solitude, builds as she tries to recall memories of her grandmother. We observe their respective lives separately, the gestures of the two women seem to engage in a continuous and subtle dialogue. The poetic rhythm of events is formed as the days progress. Ultimately, the bond that unites them undoes the maternal love that unites them.

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