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Born in 1963. Graduated from the film director’s department of the State Institute of Theatre and cinema in 1985.
Shot a number of feature shorts, documentaries, ecological and promo films and musical video clips. He is member of the Ukrainian Filmmakers Union and Ukrainian Film Academy.
Born in 1972. Graduated from the director’s department of the State Ukrainian Academy of Culture. Worked as an editor and director at the non-governmental video and TV studios, often works as VJ and computer graphics designer.
In 1996 Oleg Chorny and Gennadiy Khmaruk has founded the non-profit creative unit SAMPLED PICTURES. A number of videos created by SAMPLED PICTURES were presented at the various film and video festivals, exhibitions and club screenings.


FON album was recorded in 1998 and its visualization has been started simultaneously. Ancient analog Soviet synthesizers have been used in the process, so, the results of syntheses were unpredictable. The uniqueness of every Act is determined by the fact that it is impossible to reproduce the sound of any of the performances. Each of the Acts is a report on the expedition to the country of lost electrons.

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