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Bjørn Venø



Bjørn Venø (b 1979, Norway / England) Venø embraces failure when creating photographs, video, drawings, music and performance art. Because perfection is reproducible and failure is human.
MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, 2012. 
Exhibitions and performances include The Rudin Prize, Norton Museum, West Palm Beach US (2012), Guangzhou LIVE, YouYou Contemporary Art Centre, Guangzhou CN (2013), Live Action 9, Gothenburg SE (2014), Vestlands Utstilingen NO (2014), Public Screens, Stavanger NO (2017), Breaking Myth, Museo d'Aumale, Palermo IT (2018) and Northern Sustainable Futures, Moskosel SE (2019). With solo projects at Fotogalleriet, Malmö SE (2009), Nettie Horn, London UK (2009) and Tender Pixel, London UK (2013). 
Other projects include organising performance art festivals Venø Gård KUNST, Selje NO (2015) and Performance KUNST at 368 PONCE, Atlanta US (2016), creating monthly Zines (2018-19), running the web page and creating three music albums ‘Enslaved By Freedom’ 2017, ’Augmented Manipulation’ 2018 and ‘Arthemy’ 2019 under the name BX.


Intuitive exploration of musical instruments, space and the moment, using play and humour.
Created to be shown as a loop, allowing the viewer to meet the film at any point and chose for them selves how long they spend with it. The video can also be shown with a beginning and end.
The video is from a series of actions for video during a one-month residency at Swedish Lapland Air, hosted by Northern Sustainable Futures in Moskosel and invited by Javier Rodriguez, 2019.

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