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Federica Cecilia Sala

domestic Head.jpeg

Hi! My name is Federica Sala,

I am an Italian architect and visual artist living in Barcelona.

In 2013, I founded Geometrie da Compagnia, a multidisciplinary workshop at the intersection of different fields such as interactive sculpture, interior and public design, video art and performance.

The heart of my work is always the interaction between movement and balance, and the desire to rethink the world from the experience of astonishment.

My projects have been presented in festivals, galleries and public spaces across Europe.


“Domestic Balances” is a game of precision and patience, a form of meditation. The goal is to build dynamic balance systems with ordinary objects: the result is a collection of ephemeral kinetic sculptures with hypnotic movements.

The objects, taken from their context and stripped of all utility, become dancing shapes and colors that recall a familiar landscape, but at the same time suggest a new, delicate and intimate one.

“Domestic Balances” is a metaphorical exercise on the search for inner balance and tells of the urgency of a poetic look at everyday life.

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