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Kirstin Burckhardt & Mario Asef

Conversation Head.jpeg

Kirstin Burckhardt (born South Africa) is a visual artist and clinical psychologist combining video and performance with sound and speech. Critically drawing on her training in psychology and neuroscience, her practice addresses power dynamics related to the body. Continually questioning what defines a body, her artistic research focuses on interpersonal space as a site of sensitivity, conflict, empathy, transgenerational trauma, and the complexity of healing.

Mario Asef is an architect and conceptual artist based in Berlin. His projects address both ecological and sociopolitical issues and confront questions related to their spatial and linguistic representability. His work is divided into three methodological categories: the domain of language as a structurator of physical space, the domain of history and writing on history as construction of a reality mediated from a postcolonial point of view , and the scientific field of transdisciplinary inquiry. and exchange. He is co-editor of "Akusmatik als Labor: Kultur-Kunst-Medien". He cooperates with Amarodrom eV an intercultural self-organization of Rom*nja and non-Rom*nja youth and is president of Errant Sound eV a project space for sound art in Berlin and is co-director of the Dystopia Sound Art Festival .


Conversation 01 is the first in an ongoing series of video works compiling conversations between the artist couple Burckhardt-Asef. They documented intimate discussions and images that expose the lovers' unfiltered psyches. Conversation #1 delves into the unconscious of a dream as the starting point for a bodily rupture and a laborious work of recomposing the semantics of symbols.

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