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Martin Gerigk


Martin Gerigk (*1972) is a composer of contemporary music. His repertoire includes compositions for orchestra and chamber music, as well as several solo concertos. His compositions have been performed nationally and internationally, including in Korea, Japan, the United States, England, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. In this context, he works with internationally renowned soloists and ensembles.

In addition to his compositional work, he is known for his remarkable audiovisual art and experimental films that focus on the synesthetic connections inherent in sound and visual perceptions. Besides creating sound and visual landscapes intertwined with music, nature sounds and video footage, an important aspect of his art is the illustration of the hidden poetry of natural phenomena and science.

His experimental films have won several international awards and have been screened at renowned festivals like Asolo Film Festival, International Digital Arts Festival Videoformes, Girona Film Festival, Salento International Film Festival, Columbus International Film & Animation Festival, USA Film Festival, New Jersey Film Festival, Sydney. International Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival, Sherman Oaks Film Festival, Canberra Short Film Festival, Film and Video Poetry Symposium Los Angeles, Syracuse Film Festival or ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival.


“Night Ride from LA” is based on a real night drive from downtown Los Angeles to the desert near Palm Springs a few years ago. The images were taken from the car continuously taking single long exposure photos to document the approximately two hour journey without any interruption. This technique condensed the entire journey into a flickering whirlwind of time-stretched movements and nocturnal graffiti inducing a kind of psychedelic trance. A love letter to the energy and vibe of the California lifestyle.


Physically and mentally, it was an intense and painful experience to hold the camera continuously for so long against the violent frontal draft. After a while, unexpectedly, time seemed to slow down and strange, vaguely coherent memories of the day returned in response to the lingering pain. It felt like a wild, psychedelic meditation.

“Night Ride from LA” embodies this unusual experience: the blend of swirling, hypnotic night lights, psychedelic trance and wild emotions. All mixed with a pinch of humor. A love letter to the energy and vibe of the California lifestyle.

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