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Tanin Torabi

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Tanin Torabi, an independent and award-winning Iranian dance artist, works in performance, choreography and film. With a background in sociology, she holds a master's degree in contemporary dance from the University of Limerick. Torabi's works have been honored numerous times by renowned festivals and academies around the world. She received various awards, including the Creative Vision Award, the Jury Prize, Best Artist Film and Best Experimental Film. Torabi has been a jury member of festivals such as Cannes Dance Film Festival (FR), Dance Camera West (USA), Jacksonville Dance Film Festival (US), etc. His works have been curated for exhibitions like E-FLUX, SOMA Gallery, Lazina Contemporary Art Center, Light Moves, among others. She is a member of the company The School of Hard Knocks directed by New York choreographer Yoshiko Chuma, and recipient of residencies offered by the Cité Internationale des Arts (FR, 2023-2024), Montpellier Danse (FR, 2023), Dance Limerick (IRE, 2023) and Vayu Residency (IR, 2022) to undertake choreographic research on his performance and film projects.


“Until…” is a single-take video, captured using only the switch between the front and rear cameras of an iPhone by the performers. It was filmed during the 2022 “Woman Life Freedom” protests in Tehran, Iran. The video not only presents a very complex choreography for the camera, imbued with the originality and urgency of what is deemed "possible" in this specific situation, but it also encapsulates the essence of unity, of resilience and determination demonstrated by young artists responding creatively and courageously in the face of a truly brutal situation in Iran.

"We walk. We run. We fall. We hug the ones we love and then we run again. We walk together until the walls move."

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