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Yue Hua 

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A film about the female gaze and self-acceptance. In the spring of 2023, a physical illness forced me to re-examine my relationship with my body. Scars, spots, skin, hair and my unflattering voice, everything belongs to my body.

Shoot and produce the animation on 16mm film.
Content Warning: Nudity

Yue Hua/华越 is a Boston-based multimedia artist, filmmaker, and educator specializing in experimental film and expanded cinema.
His strong home films are characterized by direct-to-celluloid animation, film splicing, and touch editing. More recently, she has focused on creating mind-wandering experiences through expanded cinema. By choreographing multiple projectors, constantly changing film loops, and applying prisms and filters to monitor light, she attempts to expand consciousness and create a liminal space to engulf the viewer in an unrecognizable mental experience. She is ready to share her knowledge of cinema and connect with artists and creators around the world.

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