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Dawn Reeves


Dawn is a writer with a contemporary visual arts practice. Her current practice explores ideas of becoming, personal and intra-personal growth, and the networked self. She works with alter-egos who make action-paintings, drawing and performance-based film, to generate insights and help make sense of how she and we, the human condition collectively, can escape being stuck, and adapt and thrive.
Originally trained as an economist, in her fifties Dawn studied at the Institute of Performance Art, European Cultural Centre, the University of the Arts UdK Berlin, and University of the Arts UAL London, with international residencies in Berlin and Koln. Her visual art work has been shown widely in the UK. She is the author of two novels and 11 collections of short stories, creative non-fiction and experimental writing.


Alter-ego Tatyana, a Czech rhythmic gymnast, strives for control. In a Nottingham park, training, performance and time blur as she seeks the energy to persevere. Meanwhile the artist struggles to understand Tatyana, she’s hard to hold, but there are glimpses of new ways of being.

Full full, half half - is inspired by Vera Chytilova, the only female director in the Czech New Wave. Whilst many of her contemporaries chose to escape the soviet crack down following the Prague Spring, she stayed; her spirit of dissent making it hard to work. She is remembered as a vibrant, irreverent innovator whose 1963 film, “Something different,” explored expectations and constraints of gender roles.

Full full, half half explores whether alter-egos could guide transformative growth? Where the experience of performing as – rather than acting, the making of the film and the film itself become a resource of possibilities and new tools for the future; for the artist and viewer?

about the film






first time filmmaker

Experimental, Shorts

5 minutes 30 seconds

December 14, 2022

United Kingdom



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01 23 45 67 89

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