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1-"Climbing Eros"  Charles M Pepiton  USA 2022  16:00


2-"Memory Place"  Zeynep Abes Turkey  2022 6:32


3-"Sunny forever: A Tale of Unknowing "  Vinny Sacchetti  USA  2021  20:21


4-"Tselkov Faces "  Nicolas Hidiro  France 2021 64:00


5-"The Black Balloon"   Fu Yu  France 2022  28:13


6-"Fibonacci Made Me Hardcore"   Marie Meyer, Patric Kuo  France 2022  22:22


7-"Le Café de mes Souvenirs (The Cafe of my memories) " Valto Baltzar  Finland 2021  01:45:00


8-"Penn-ar-Bed"   Emma Ramsay-Tanniou  France/Ecosse 2020  1:42


9-"Amo"   Emmanuel Gras  France  2021 20:00


10-"Image Me"   Till Gombert  Germany  2022  5:55


11-"The underground sistine chapel"  Pascal Boyard France 2021  60:17


12-"tata reading from bernhard's frost" Darik Janik  Australia 2021 3:56


13-"The (Un)Holy Trinity"  Laura Jean Healey  United Kingdom  2020  3:09


14-"Res Pola"  Marc Comes & Pola Sieverding  Germany 2021 20:15


15-"The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound"    Elly Cho  2015 Korea  14:21


16-"Prometheus"     Marie Farsi 2020 Canada  7:01


17-"Nude Me/Under the Skin: A Resurrection of Black Women's Visibility"   Freddie Leyden United Kingdom 2021  3:01


18-"See the Sea with me"    June Siu Ling Wong   Hong Kong  2021  4:28


19-"Exit Athena"   Selma Köran  Germany 2021  14:23


20-"Identity In Between"   Efi Spyrou  Greece 2021 34:26


21-"Dog"   Chi Yu LiaoI  Taiwan  2021  25:24


22--"Miroirs"  Ryo Ohkawara  Japan  2022 57:15


23-"Mermaids" Mierre Bessette   France 2021  15:00


24-"The loniless of the double bass player when he writes a poem"  Fabrice CASTANIER  France 2021 8:42


25--"Otonashi"  Martin Gerigk  Germany  Germany   10:00


26--"An ambush in suspense" Simon Queheillard France 2021 16:40



until market


Film submissions are made each year from August 30  to March 15 on  filmfreeway


Online from May 24 to 27
Go to:
Click on: Subscribe
Price 25€
Access to all the films of the official selection for 4 days.


Villa Oxygene Cannes May 24 7.30-11.00 p.m.
Ticketing available on the FilmFreeway website


The winners of the AVIFF Cannes 2022 festival are:

- 1st Jury Prize for the film "AMO" directed by Emmanuel Gras, France.

2° Jury Prize for the film "SUNNY FOREVER: A Tale of Unknowing" directed by Vinny Sacchetti, USA.

3rd Jury Prize for the film "The underground sistine chapel" produced by a collective of artist-directors, France.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to the Jury


The "AVIFF - Angel Orensanz Foundation" NYC Prize is awarded to the film "Mirrors" directed by Ryo Ohkawara, Japan
Thanks to Angel Orensanz and his foundation who have been supporting the AVIFF Cannes festival for 7 years.

JURY 2022

The Jury was selected this year for the edition of the Festival 2022 by Daria Golestan (Artist and General Delegate of the Festival)  The 2022 Jury: 
Margot Le Peltier, Head of cultural programs at the French Institute of Bilbao, Spain.
Sophie Lanoé, Expert in communication of cultural projects, Paris, France.
Anita Kern, Curator and Teacher at Cairo University, Egypt.
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