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The depths of our spirit are unknown to us - the mysterious way leads inwards. Eternity with its worlds - the past and future - is in ourselves or nowhere.
- Novalis -
The two mirrors face each other, and the eternal process of reflection and the work of mutual transformation never ends,
but circulates, permeates, and eventually converges. Reflection is a process of integration with wholeness. Eventually, the world is figured through aesthetic codes.
Through the process of self-recognition through the existence of the self and the «gaze» of others, this work depicts the nested structure of the self and others from the perspective of the whole, based on the process of a woman’s growth.
With the paradox of the existence of the «self» in the mirror and the «gaze» of others as the axis, the work asks endless questions about the harmony and relationship between the «world/whole» and the individual.
About 100 years after the composition of Ravel’s suite «Mirror,» the work has been reinterpreted into a multi- disciplinary artistic work that equationally connects contemporary dance, modern classical music, and digital art.


Ryo Ohkawara

 In a universe that looks like nothingness, two beings seem to exist only to come into contact.
Their desire becomes joy, then furious search for pleasure going beyond the limits of the sexual act.


Emmanuel Gras

Objects and a character enter in a row of brutal crashes generated by falling trees cut by a chainsaw.

An ambush in suspense

Simon Quéheillard

«Climbing Eros» takes place on a Greek island in the Saronic Gulf. The short film explores the stages of a pilgrimage through the eyes of director Charles M Pepiton and his young son who walk the island—from the deserted lighthouse on one end to the peak of Mt. Eros—whilst artist Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton collects botanicals to create inks for painting. Each finds a means to reconcile with loss and return to the earth and to themselves. The film features two meditations written for the film by Damon Falke—one of confession, one of returning to materiality—that knit the threads of hiking and gathering around Jean-Luc Marion’s notion that “loving requires distance and the crossing of distance.”


Charles M Pepiton

A man’s dog died. He felt that his dog has never left, but not sure if it was because he missed the dog or because he was once shared the intimacy with it. In the interview, the man revealed how humans experienced the major dog extinction. He described the event coolly, exploring and speculating on the causes of the event. Then, it jogged his memory shared with his dog.
In the fictional time and space, the long-standing and unique relationship between humans and dogs, which came to an abrupt end in the tide of history. Humans experienced inexpressible, tremendous loneliness and loss when confronting the species that were once close to them were gone forever.


Liao Chi Yu

Exit Athena is a hero‘s journey, a satyricon located in the world of the olympian gods.
Exit Athena is an operetta, a baroque musical full of pink clouds, perfume and genitals.
Exit Athena is the fulfillment of the last prophecy of the forbidden chapter in Hesiod‘s Theogony: the downfall of the megalomaniac father of the gods, Zeus, at the hands of his own child: the goddess Athena.

Exit Athena

Selma Köran

Fibonacci Made Me Hardcore is a film set on the dance-floor; a place of celebration, freedom, expression, performance, meditation, meeting.
A place that plays home to sacred happenings - connections, revelations, love stories, ecstasy. Without restrictions of etiquette and appropriateness, the dance-floor permits us to act without explanation.
More than an experimental film, this an experience.
Music original by Eugene Ward



The term ‘identity’ is evidently used today in order to describe the characteristics, choices and activities which allow us to discern ourselves, sometimes by joining and other times by separating ourselves from others. Now more than ever, we are living in an era composed of identities, admitting that there is not a single self and that identity does not concern something singular, impervious and stable, but rather a notion with multiple meanings, polyphonic and flowing, opening a broad field of conversation, reevaluation and new narration.
Attempting to delve into the multiple terms (social, cultural, psychological) on the basis of which identities are formed, the project IDENTITY IN BETWEEN is organized by RUNONART NGO, inviting five female artists to create new performance projects and to share their artistic expression and ideas on the notion of the multiple prisms of one’s being.
In these projects, Tzeni Argyriou is concerned with the relation between technology and human existence in the digital world,
Μarianna Kavallieratos steps into other peoples’ shoes during multiple everyday routes,
Virginia Mastrogiannaki touches on the issue of different images per age and attempts a return to youthfulness,
Maria Sideri delves into the boundaries between wholesomeness and toxicity, as seen in the relationship between man and nature
And Eliza Soroga takes on multiple professional identities during work interviews.
The performances took place and were filmed by the RUNON ART group at the Former Airport at Elliniko during October 2020 between the two mandatory lockdowns in Athens, Greece.

Identity in between

Efi Spyrou

A photographic image in its production: exposure, development and reproduction. As the subject of its recording the faces of two people. The experimental short film «IMAGE ME» equates the face with the photographic image, exposing the merge with our depiction and a mechanics of rotation around our own axis.

Image me

Till Gombert

The love story of Emilie and Philippe takes place in Helsinki where Emilie works in her mother’s café and Philippe, a Frenchman, teaches French at a local high school. Song and music takes the lovers to Cherbourg and Paris. After their return Philippe begins to struggle under the pressure of multiple jobs. Will the fragile relationship of Emilie and Philippe last surrounded by the toughness of urban life?

Le café de mes souvenirs

Valto Baltazar

Memory Place follows three moments of memory on the fraying certainty of home. The visualizations are produced through point cloud data using 3D scanning techniques to portray and preserve private and public recollections. The videos invite the viewer to ‘walk inside’ these moments, creating an immersive experience of a fading past. The piece explores the alienation that arises from the changing socio-political climate of Turkey as Istanbul becomes more of an idea than a place. As a few moments remain intact, recollections of safe and cherished times with family remain as the only uninterrupted memories in contrast with the changing nature of Istanbul.

Memory Place

Zeynep Abes

On a trip to the Chilean Patagonia, two friends, dancers, head into the wide-open natural spaces, diving deep into the self. During this voyage a Selknam voice is heard, revived from time immemorial, leading to a choreographic flight, an initiatory journey, a metamorphosis.


Pierre Bessette

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